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There is nothing wrong with that style, it’s just not my preferred way.
Gladiolus can be saved, though, if placed in the root cellar and replanted in the spring. First, gently dig the entire gladiolus plant and place on newspapers in a shady spot that won’t get frosted. Let them sit there for a week or two until the stems easily pull away from the corms. Often, a gladiolus will form two new corms where the old one was. Place more chips on top, cover and place in the root cellar for the winter.

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Muriel Bowser tapped into an electorate that tired of the allegations surrounding Gray.Five people who worked on the mayor's 2010 campaign have pleaded guilty to felonies, and Bowser said the city needed to move away from a mayor who faces potential criminal charges."The status quo is not good enough for us," Bowser told supporters early Wednesday."We know that we can do better and we know we need a fresh start." Bowser, 41, is a D. council member and a protege of former Mayor Adrian Fenty, whom Gray defeated in 2010. Gray defeated Fenty in 2010 by tapping into dissatisfaction among African-American residents.In December, she started messaging with a man named Brian on the dating app Hinge.

Now Donna Rice Hughes, she serves as president and C. She then turned her posts into a book, BLESS ME, FATHER, FOR I HAVE BEEN CAUGHTGolan Cipel, 2004: The former advisor to New Jersey Democrat James E.var wamu = wamu