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The main objective of i XBRL is to enable XBRL data to be displayed in situations where the producer wants to preserve a specific visual presentation of the information, while still allowing access to the underlying input data.It enables data to be presented in a manner dictated by the presenter, while also allowing the underlying XBRL tags to be processed automatically by consuming applications.

Now let’s take a look at how document validation could be used to solve this problem.Sometimes you want completely free form documents and sometimes you don’t.In the 3.2 release of Mongo DB the idea of document validation was introduced. This applies not only to the principal source document loaded from the command line, but to all documents loaded via the doc() and document() functions.The schemas to be used to validate these source documents can be specified either by using the xsl:import-schema declaration in the stylesheet, or using option on the command line.Validating the source document has several effects.